Propagation (Opus 2), 2013
Walls, columns, amplifiers, speakers, beer crates, dollies, microphones, mixers, stage lights, cables, guitar straps, gaffer tape, Dimensions variable

Exhibited at 'showtime', 2013, a three person exhibition curated by Hadas Maor at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Propagation (Opus 2) is a site-specific installation composed of freestanding walls scattered throughout the exhibition space. The walls are each fitted with a different type of musical stage equipment (an amplifier, loudspeakers, a stage monitor, and more), so that the amplifying part is embedded in the internal, hollow part of the wall. Like a room dismantled into individual components, the walls face in different directions, supported by everyday, functional objects – amplifiers, loudspeakers, monitors, dollies, beer boxes, and so forth. They are then elevated from the floor and appear to be floating in space. Each of these walls functions both as an independent sculpture and as a functional amplifier emanating sound from within – sound that is the result of a distant, ostensibly detached, musical action. The space also contains two supporting columns that appear to be suspended on the verge of collapse, and which are held in place by lighting fixtures that illuminate their interior with shafts of light.

Photos by Oded Lobl

'Untitled (Body Pressure)' performed on Propagation (Opus 2). Musicians: Gilbert Broid, Avishag Cohen Rodrigues, Ben Drusinsky, Ram Orion, Neta Polturak, Yaron Sarel, Gamliel Sasportas, Adam Scheflan, Naama Tsabar, Or Zubalsky (Juviley). Camera: Avi Levi, Asi Oren.

Maya Dunietz performing on Propagation (Opus 2).

Bela Tar performing on Propagation (Opus 2). Bela Tar is composed of Zoe Polanski, Or Edry, Or Rimer, Eilon Elikam.