Nightfalls examines those moments just before the night falls into day, before the sun sets in on the bars and clubs, on the urban cells, exposing the different elements that construct these spaces as nothing more then illusions that with day light lose their potency.

Three elements make up the exhibition space. The first is a heavy gaffer screen that drops from the second floor balcony, dividing the space in two. When passing through the screen a projection of empty gas lighters is reveled, projected on the black surface of the gaffers tape. The lighters try to light up but only create a spark and a rhythmic composition of sound. The third element are three stainless steel shelves. The shelves are modeled after those found in bathrooms in Tel Aviv bars and clubs, and which are often used for consuming of drugs. The surface of the shelves has been extended to the point of flexibility, breaking the straight line, bending.

*Exhibited at Pianissimo Gallery, Milano

Night Falls (Lighters), Single-channel video, 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

Tired Shelves, 2008, Stainless steel, 64'' x 21.5'', 64'' x 21.5'', 48'' x 29'' 

Tired Shelf (Wide), 2008, Stainless steel, 48'' x 29''