Propagation (Opus 1), 2012
Mid range speakers, tweeter speakers, wires, Dimensions variable

In Propagation (Opus 1), three sections of speakers have been pulled apart and mounted backward into the gallery wall, penetrating its facade. Each section amplifying a different instrument sculpture (Work On Felt and Work On Paper), and throwing sound into the inner cavities of the gallery wall, rendering the unseen, unused space into a sound box.

For You, 2011
Speakers, song, column

In For You, Tsabar inserts domestic speakers backwards into walls and columns, so that the front of the loudspeaker is now embedded inside the architecture of the space. 'In For You (Song To a Siren)', a song by the 80's goth band This Mortal Coil played, the songs lyrics expressing a melancholy draw and desire towards mystery and beauty. The song is heard as muffled in the gallery space, and contained within the inside space of the column. In a way, it utilizes the wall to its fullest, displaying art both outside and within.

For You (Closer), 2011. Video from the exhibition Uncommon Placescurated by Pieter VermeulenExtracity