Untitled #1 (from the Double Face Museum Series)

Untitled (Double Face), 2010, 39.4'' x 12'' x 13'', mixed media with two guitars

In Untitled (Double Face) two guitars are joint to form one instrument that has no back. The act of multiplying serves almost as a handicap, one that imposes new movement and sound. It now takes two people to activate this musical instrument. When played, the sculpture imposes a hyper intimate relationship upon the musicians, facing one another,  and holding the guitar between them. Every movement is felt and heard, with their backs to the crowd.

Untitled (Double Face) Is a work by Naama Tsabar exhibited at the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum as part of the exhibition Blood Makes Noise, curated by Nat Trotman. Performers: Kristin Mueller and Naama Tsabar

DOUBLESILVERBURST, 2010, 14'' x 71'' x 12', mixed media with two guitars

In ‘Doublesilverburst’, Tsabar fused a left handed and a right handed guitar together at the head (headstock) to create a single instrument. The two guitars now share a single set of guitar tuners, when one guitar is tuned the other goes out of tune. The two-person guitar negates the possibility of a “front man,” instead creating a scenario in which the creation of music is necessarily a collaborative effort, and disallows many of the characteristic wild gestures and poses of the rock star on stage. 

Performance by Naama Tsabar and Kristin Mueller on Doublesilverburst at PS1/MoMA, NY Camera: Rodrigo Ribeiro